That's how Paynet Upload works

After you have ordered the E-Bill Starter Package with Paynet Upload from SIX, we will set you up as a biller in the Paynet network. You will receive your login details for the Paynet customer portal, which you can use to process customer registrations for e-billing, and upload, send and search for invoices.

Process e-billing registrations in the Paynet customer portal

Your customers register for your e-billing service via their e-banking system or SIX. In the Paynet customer portal you can see which customers have registered for e-billing and confirm their registrations.

Upload and send bills

You can upload your PDF bills in the Paynet customer portal with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can either upload each PDF bill individually or upload several PDF bills at once in a ZIP file.

Search e-bills in the customer portal

You can search for, view and check bills in the Paynet customer portal.