Receive VAT-compliant e-bills directly in your e-banking application with the "E-Bill Business Package" from SIX

How to set up e-billing in your e-banking application:

  • SIX will send you the login details you need to activate e-billing in your e-banking application. Select "e-billing" from the menu in your e-banking application and use your login details to activate e-billing. More detailed information can be obtained from your bank.
  • Once you have activated e-billing, use the list of billers to register for e-billing with your billers in the e-banking application.

How to pay e-bills:

  • New e-bills will be displayed when you log into e-banking.
  • Click on the bill you wish to pay, check it and then authorize it for payment with one mouse click. You can decline an e-bill if it contains any errors.
  • Once the e-bill has been approved, it remains available in your e-banking application for a further 90 days. After that, your e-bills can be found in the Paynet Online Archive.

How to find your e-bills in the Paynet Online Archive.

  • The e-bills you receive are filed with SIX in the Paynet Online Archive.
  • Use the login data we provided to access the Paynet Online Archive and search for e-bills.