Receive VAT-compliant e-bills directly in your e-banking application with the "E-Bill Business Package" from SIX

Suitable for:

  • VAT-registered companies based in Switzerland that make payments via the e-banking services of a bank connected to SIX.

Advantages for you:

  • VAT-compliance: SIX digitally signs e-bills and archives them electronically. E-bills can be used to claim the pre-tax deduction of VAT.
  • Cost-effectiveness: No need to set up a VAT-compliant infrastructure to handle e-bills.
  • Simplicity: No technical expertise required.


  CHF (excl. VAT)
One-off registration with SIX 60.00
Annual participation fee 25.00
Archiving per 100 e-bills per year 5.00

How it works:

  1. You enter into an "E-Bill Business Package Agreement" with SIX.
  2. SIX sends you the login details you need to activate e-billing in your e-banking application and view your invoices in the Paynet Online Archive.
  3. You activate e-billing in your e-banking service and register for e-billing with your billers using the list of billers. You will then receive subsequent invoices through e-banking and stop receiving paper bills.
  4. You can access your archived e-bills and the signature verification reports in the Paynet Online Archive at any time.