Receive VAT-compliant e-bills directly in your e-banking application with the "E-Bill Business Package" from SIX

Receive VAT-compliant e-bills directly in your e-banking application with the "E-Bill Business Package" from SIX

As a VAT-registered company, would you like to receive your bills electronically using e-banking? Do you want to continue to claim the pre-tax deduction of VAT? And comply with all legal requirements with no additional effort? – Then the "E-Bill Business Package" is the right choice for you.

More than one million private e-banking customers in Switzerland pay their bills quickly and conveniently using e-billing. Companies are also increasingly receiving and paying their bills electronically directly in their e-banking applications. They no longer have to collect paper bills from the letterbox, open them, manually enter them in the e-banking system and then file them in a folder.

The "E-Bill Business Package" from SIX is the first choice for VAT-registered companies, as it complies with the specific Swiss Federal Department of Finance (FDF) requirements and provisions of the VAT Ordinance applicable to the receipt of electronic bills. Among other things, electronic bills must be digitally signed, the digital signature must be verified, and the verification results and bills must be saved electronically. You can rely on the "E-Bill Business Package" to help you comply with all of these requirements. To ensure that the electronic bill processing is fully VAT-compliant at all times, the package comprises the following functions:

  • Delivery of the e-bills to e-banking for checking and payment.
  • Formal verification of the digitally signed e-bills received and recording of the results in a verification report.
  • Archiving of the e-bills and verification reports in the Paynet Online Archive.

The main advantages of e-billing from SIX:

Convenience: You receive electronic bills directly in your e-banking application.

  • Speed: You can check and pay your electronic bills with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Simplicity: You no longer need to manually enter the data from the paying-in slip.
  • Fewer errors: E-billing enters all of the relevant payment data in your e-banking application in advance, which significantly reduces errors in the payment process.
  • Controllability: You decide when and if you pay a bill. If an e-bill is incorrect you can simply decline it.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable: You no longer receive paper bills.
  • VAT-compliant: SIX digitally signs the e-bills and archives them electronically. The electronic bills can easily be used to claim pre-tax deductions of VAT.

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Receive VAT-compliant bills directly in your e-banking application with the "E-Bill Business Package".