Ready for the liberalization of the electricity market

Ready for the liberalization of the electricity market

E-billing from SIX enables you to obtain top performance from your billing processes. It reduces costs, increases your customers' satisfaction levels – and creates the best conditions for your company in preparation for the forthcoming liberalization of the electricity market.

The electricity sector is undergoing radical changes as a result of uncertain framework conditions and the full liberalization of the market. In order to remain competitive, energy suppliers therefore need to increase their operational efficiency and cut costs.

This is where e-billing from SIX comes in. Energy suppliers send out a large number of electricity bills in paper form each year. Processing these creates a considerable amount of work and generates high costs. That is why more than 100 energy suppliers have already opted for e-billing from SIX and have successfully implemented this system.

Why not modernize your accounts process by introducing the very latest electronic billing from SIX? You will then be well prepared for the liberalization of the electricity market and ready to offer your customers a convenient and up-to-date method of payment.

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