Pharmaceutical companies lead the way in e-invoicing, too

Pharmaceutical companies lead the way in e-invoicing, too

Innovations and full product pipelines are crucial for pharmaceutical companies – but they are not enough on their own. Low costs and efficient processes are just as important for business success. E-invoicing has a significant role to play in this respect.

Rising pressure on prices and costs, regulatory changes and stronger global competition all present pharmaceutical companies with sizeable challenges. Operational improvements are therefore on the agenda.

Here, e-invoicing substantially lightens the operational burden. This is because pharmaceutical companies typically obtain goods from different suppliers at home and abroad, for which they receive a large number of paper bills. Receiving and processing these bills creates a significant workload in the billing process. This is where electronic invoicing from SIX comes in. It is VAT-compliant, speeds up the entire billing process and thus reduces costs considerably. An increasing number of pharmaceutical companies are therefore opting for e-invoicing and benefiting from lower costs.

Thanks to SIX, you can receive your bills electronically, even from abroad. We connect you to your suppliers in Switzerland and abroad so you can start benefiting from low costs as soon as possible.

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